Classroom Setup
21 Mar 2011
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The way you arrange the physical layout of your classroom can affect student performance. Classroom management, flow, lesson objectives and the needs of your students’ are all factors to consider.
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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

I watched the classroom setup

I watched the classroom setup video. They modeled 5 classroom setups including long rows, traditional classroom, a horseshoe for discussion, inquiry groups of four which take focus away from educator and onto activity similar to our classroom this week, and finally small groups with a materials table centrally located. I shared a mathematics classroom and the instructor wanted the small group setup. I found it very difficult from a classroom management, lecture based classroom model. I now have tables for pairs of students in a v shape and I like it much better. When they work in larger groups it's easy to turn around a pair of chairs and complete the activity. I also teach in another classroom with long rows of tables thta re connected. I find that inhibits my ability to wander the classroom. The centrally located and students in back get much less feedback based on what's happening in their notebook. This classroom needs more formative assessment using little whiteboards or communicators. The horseshoe works really well for my friend's English class that is discussion based. I also cracked up because my friend is a history instructor and he uses his desks in a very nontraditional manner that would never make this particular video series... Last week I helped him build a hooverville turning the classroom tables in a variety of directions, connecting them with cardboard and tarps, showering them with fall leaves. Students had to sit in their shanty and write about the experences of the people during the great depression. Another day he turned all of the desks on their sides and taught class in the trenches with everyone on the floor....
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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

I viewed theClassroom

I viewed theClassroom Setup video segment. I thought that it provided a nice variety of classroom arrangements, explaining in basic terms how each setup can be more teacher-centered or student-centered. The focus of each setup and the potential for collaboration was made clear. The visual arrangement of the desks was also clearly illustrated. At some point, I think that it would be helpful to provide some concrete examples (perhaps in separate videos) of how a certain setup can cater towards a style of learning (kinesthetic, tactile, auditory, etc.) and/or teaching (problem-based learning, inquiry, etc.).
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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

This is a great video to

This is a great video to inform teachers of the different options when setting up a classroom. It provides diagrams of each setup and what activities it may be most effective for. I alternate between rows and small-group instruction, depending on the activity.
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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

I really liked the visuals

I really liked the visuals used to demonstrate different classroom setups! They really show how different setups can be used for different types of instruction. However, I would like to see the video mention some of the drawbacks of each model... Is the small group model less conducive to classroom management? Also, I would like to hear the video touch on the idea of switching classroom setups to show viewers that a classroom is not static and can be changed to suit the various needs of the lesson.