Above Sea Level
Jan 05 2012
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Summary Information


landforms, isolines, topographic maps, altitude, geology, Urban Studies
Earth Science
Physical Science

Estimated Time Required:

2-3 hours

Target Grade (Ages):

Grade 7 (Ages 12-13)
Grade 8 (Ages 13-14)
Grade 9 (Ages 14-15)
Grade 10 (Ages 15-16)
Grade 11 (Ages 16-17)
Grade 12 (Ages 17-18)

Diversity Indicators:

This lesson can be used anywhere, by anyone, under any weather conditions. For urban children, being outdoors can help them appreciate science study. For reluctant science learners, experiencing a place physically can bring the mapping process to life.

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May 1, 2014 - 1:49pm

Great lesson! I like how you

Great lesson! I like how you integrated technology in this lesson.
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